You may ask your friend who has online banking to register it for you (as you may register by group and pay by bulk). However, last resort; you may wait for walk-in registration that will open during Goodies Kit collection day. But this is based on First Come First Serve basis only!

Yes we can alter it for you. Just email to us your precise details and we will do the rest. However, for shirt size changes, we only able to change that before dateline as we start ordering booked shirt based on selected sizes.

Sometimes system is screwed up. But no worries as your record is there. Just email to us and we will update accordingly

All you have to do is email us and attach your confirmation/registration slip. We will respond to your email after verify and update your status online

You will receive confirmation email from us and online merchant. Remember to check your name online in the participants list on that event page as system fully automated registration status

Your registration considered invalid and not recorded in the system

Participant(s) need to register for selected event by adding their personal details into registration form. For group registration, you may repeat the same process by adding in their details on the cart. After registration completed, you need to do online payment by using online banking that available.

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